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Job Postings for Chilton, Autauga, Shelby, and Elmore Counties, AL



    Program Aide

    Location: Millbrook, AL & Tallassee, AL               Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Program Aide

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Center Supervisor 


    This position works as a part of a team to assist in activities in the areas of the classroom, kitchen and bus and/or to serve as a disabilities aide as needed. The position contains elements of job descriptions of positions with titles similar classroom aide, janitor, and kitchen aide and as a disabilities aide providing support for children with disabilities.  Works with typically developing children and/or children with special needs/disabilities. The position may be reassigned to various classrooms/centers/bus routes as deemed necessary for program operations. This position may receive content area technical support and training from the staff person responsible for center supervision, teacher, kitchen staff and/or program managers/specialist/coordinators. 


    1. Classroom Aide
      1. Assists classroom staff in all classroom activities, field trips and outdoor activities included in lesson plans.
      2. Dress in clothing which is appropriate for outdoor activity and all weather conditions and be prepared to go outdoors daily.
      3. Assists in developing materials and providing activities related to the cultural background of the children and families served.
      4. Helps supervise at mealtime, eating with the children to encourage good nutrition and social skills.
      5. Helps keep the classroom and its contents clean and orderly.
      6. Assists the teacher in any aspect of the program as the need arises (e.g., at Family Nights, copying newsletters, cutting out classroom materials, making phone calls, etc.).
      7. Serves as a temporary substitute in the periodic absence of the assistant teacher or teacher.


    2. Janitorial Aide Services
      1. Empties trash or garbage containers if needed before the custodian or janitor services.
      2. Sanitizes surfaces, picks up and puts away materials in the classroom or kitchen in order to maintain a safe and organized environment.
      3. Serves as janitor in the absence of the regular custodian or janitor on a periodic basis.
      4. Does light yard work or snow removal.


    3. Bus Monitor- will sign bus monitor job description #299.




    4. Kitchen Aide
    1. Completes routine kitchen/dining room/food chores as assigned (e.g., dishwashing, portioning foods, taking and logging temperature of foods received from vendors, etc.).
    2. Prepares necessary food and serving items for service prior to or after use.These duties may include the preparation of food to meet the needs of children with special needs or disabilities.
    3. Participates in food service clean up, inventory and other food service tasks as requested.
    4. Substitutes for regular Cook or Assistant Cook as needed.
    5. Assists with inventory maintenance of all necessary supplies, food and equipment used for food services operations.
    6. Assists with the processing and storage of food and food related items as they are delivered.
    7. Assists in carrying out a financially successful food service operation by helping to control food and labor costs.
    8. Assists with logging meals/snacks in the menu book following USDA/CACFP required documentation for food purchased, prepared and served.
    9. Supports staff/parents in preparing and cleaning up after meals/snacks for meetings, planning sessions and other special events as requested.
    10. Ensures that dishes are returned to the kitchen or food service vendor transport boxes for cleaning and preparation for the next meal.
    11. Notifies supervisor of any safety, health issues or concerns.
    12. Participates in ongoing training in food preparation and nutrition as requested.
    13. Follows the established system for cleaning to ensure that the kitchen and storage rooms are kept in a clean and sanitary manner.
    14. Reports any kitchen equipment not in good working order to supervisor to ensure the kitchen remains safe and hazard free.
    15. Prepares food in a safe and sanitary manner.
    16. Responsible for complying with all local, state and federal standards regarding hygiene and sanitation.


    The minimum requirement is a HS Diploma or GED. Some states may require additional requirements for kitchen aide duties (i.e., kitchen permit). Bilingual preferred.



    Location: Alabaster/Montevallo, AL & Autaugaville, AL               Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Custodian 

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Facilities/Transportation Manager 


    This position is responsible for ensuring clean, safe, functional facilities by performing cleaning and maintenance activities as well as some repair activities including plumbing, electrical, carpentry and painting when professional licensure is not required. 


    A. Planning And Training

    1. Collects information; participates in planning, upgrading and minor repairs of facilities.
    2. Prepares estimates of the material and labor costs of maintenance projects.
    3. Acquires knowledge of federal, state and local safety and building code requirements related to Head Start/Early Head Start facilities within first month on the job, including, but is not restricted to, OSHA and MSDS chemical inventory, “Right to Know” training, etc.


    B. Implementation

    1. Cleans facilities on a daily basis and ensures that assigned facilities are clean and free of hazards.Cleans classrooms, hallways, floors, bathrooms, offices, entrances, etc.
    2. Performs routine maintenance such as replacing light bulbs and maintaining equipment used in the course of work.
    3. Reports safety, sanitation, and fire hazards to supervisor and/or staff person in charge of facilities.
    4. Performs routine maintenance of buildings and grounds during program breaks and more often, as needed.
    5. Performs outdoor tasks such as snow removal, sweeping steps, porches and drives, maintaining parking lot, mowing lawns, trimming shrubs and trees, raking gravel or leaves, clearing parking areas, etc.
    6. Maintains cooperative relationships with fellow employees, building staff, landlords, supervisor, administrators, students, and the general public.
    7. Performs minor plumbing, painting, carpentry and some electrical repairs or repair work in assigned facilities, where a professional license is not required.
    8. Participates in job related meetings when requested, such as center Safety Committees.
    9. Takes precautions to protect own health and safety as well as the health and safety of children, families, and staff and to protect equipment and facilities.
    10. Participates in “Right to Know” training and informs supervisor if MSDS sheets need to be replaced or added.


    $10.26 Hourly HS/GED

    The minimum requirement is that the individual be 18 years of age.  This is an entry-level position requiring no previous education or experience unless there is a local or state regulation that requires a high school diploma or G.E.D.  A high school diploma or G.E.D. is preferred. 


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