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Job Postings for Chilton, Autauga, Shelby, and Elmore Counties, AL



    Assistant Teacher

    Location: Millbrook, AL               Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Assistant Teacher 

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Center Supervisor 

    GENERAL SUMMARY: This position works as a part of a teaching team to work as a partner with the teacher/lead teacher in developing activities for preschool (Head Start) children to provide them with varied experiences and an appropriate learning environment. Works with typically developing children and children with disabilities. Assistance is given to the teacher in carrying out the goals, policies, and activities designed to implement educational objectives and performance standards. This position works with families to promote parent involvement in the program. In addition, this position might also serve as a Bus Monitor as part of the transportation services provided by the program. This position may be assigned additional duties based upon program need and areas of developing expertise. This position works along with the teacher/lead teacher to attain the goals of the program. The position may be reassigned to various classrooms/centers as deemed necessary for program operations.   


    A. Preschool Classroom Activities

    1. Assists the teacher in all classroom activities, field trips and outdoor activities including lesson plans.
    2. Provide sufficient and appropriate outdoor time daily for children (see Operations Manual for specifics).Dress in clothing which is appropriate for outdoor activity and all weather conditions.
    3. Assists in developing materials and providing activities related to the cultural background of the children and families served.
    4. Participates in the screening, observation and documentation of children.
    5. Helps supervise at mealtime, eating with the children to encourage good nutrition and proper social skills.
    6. Helps keep the classroom and its contents clean and orderly.
    7. Is familiar with each child and parent.
    8. Uses initiative and imagination to assist the child and be perceptive and knowledgeable about the needs of each child.
    9. Assists the teacher in any aspect of the program as the need arises.
    10. Takes charge of the class in the teacher's absence.
    11. Makes home visits with the teacher as required or requested and documents them as requested.


    B. Parent/Family Involvement And Community Relations

    1. Assists the teacher in meeting the program's needs for parent/family involvement in each classroom.
    2. Establishes a relationship of trust and rapport with the families of the children.
    3. Communicates with families to facilitate positive interaction with the program, awareness of the child’s needs and development, how the activities of the program promote positive development and their roles in the child’s overall education and development.
    4. Participates in the training of families as requested.
    5. Involves parents/families in the educational activities of the program:
      • a.)to emphasize their role as the principal influence on the child's education and development; and
      • b.)to assist parents/families to increase their knowledge, understanding, skills and experience in basic child development.
    6. Assists with identifying and arranging for parents to volunteer in the classroom as volunteers and substitutes.
    7. Assists the teacher with collecting monthly in-kind records from parents and community members participating in the program.
    8. Assists with the supervision of all assigned volunteers in the classroom.


    C. Child and Adult Care Food Program

    1. Contributes to the collection and edit processes of correct documentation for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This process is important and contributes additional dollars which in turn enhances food delivery.
    2. Be knowledgeable about CACFP requirements regarding portions and components of each meal service.
    3. Conduct point of service meal documentation, count meals when children are seated and have been offered a credible meal by USDA standards for portions and components.
    4. Enter point of service meal counts in appropriate forms or software used by program to support claim reimbursement.



    Minimum requirement is one of the following:

    1. A current Child Development Associate (CDA) credential;
    2. Be enrolled in a CDA credential program to be completed within two years of being hired into the position;
    3. An associate or baccalaureate degree (in any area); or
    4. Be enrolled in a program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree.


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