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Job Postings for RGV/OK



    Operations Manager

    Location: Donna Regional Office (Donna, Texas)              Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Operations Manager

    PAY: $1,595.43 Bi-weekly BA or higher

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Regional Director


    This position has overall responsibility for assuring the implementation of the defined planning, administration, evaluation and support services, and related planning functions for the entire program.  This position oversees the smooth functioning of the program in all operational areas to include the areas of fiscal, human resources, food services, inventory and warehouse, transportation/vehicles, facilities, and technology in order to provide reliable, healthy and safe services to children and families, and to support the goals of the program. 


    1. Understands and stays up-to-date on Head Start Performance Standards (specifically in fiscal, human resources, facilities, transportation, food services, child safety, technology and inventory) and other related regulations and has the general knowledge of how the program will implement them.

    2. Establishes a plan for program operations including administration (fiscal and human resources), facilities, transportation, food services, warehouse, technology and other support needs of the program.

    3. Develops goals and measurable objectives in areas of responsibility.

    4. Sets priorities and provides leadership for the implementation of the operations plan.

    5. Evaluates outcomes according to objectives developed for operations plan and as required by federal regulations.

    6. Develops and maintains specific policies and procedures to meet federal regulations.

    7. Works with program director and other senior management staff to implement plans and develop priorities.


    A bachelor’s degree in business management, public administration, food service, construction management or other closely related business area is required at a minimum.  Courses, training or work experience which includes budgeting, personnel, and supervision are required.


    This position is open until filled.

    CDI Head Start is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


    Facilities Coordinator

    Location: Donna Regional Office (Donna, Texas)              Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: Facilities Coordinator

    Salary:  $1,395.36 Bi-weekly with AA

                  $1,569.78 Bi-weekly with BA or higher

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Operations Manager


    Providing safe, healthy facilities that meets all local, state and federal regulations is crucial to the operation of a Head Start/Early Head Start program.  This position is responsible for overall management of the Head Start/Early Head Start facilities by ensuring that all buildings meet federal, state and local licensing requirements pertinent to type of use and that all required licenses are up to date.  In addition this position ensures that leases, contracts or agreements for all sites are current with appropriate signatures, oversees the maintenance and cleaning of buildings to ensure that they are clean, safe and in useable condition and works with outside contractors and service oriented businesses, as necessary.   The position is also responsible for maintaining a warehouse of supplies and equipment and for inventory control and distribution of items to Head Start/Early Head Start facilities.  The position conducts regular health and safety inspections of buildings and playgrounds and chairs the Head Start Safety Committee.


    1. Oversees the Head Start/Early Head Start facilities and assures they meet all requirements.

    2. Develops and implements a centralized purchasing system to support facilities with such items as equipment, supplies, repairs and maintenance.

    3. Develops and implements systems for building security and maintenance.

    4. Establishes a warehouse for storage of program equipment and supplies for all sites including items that can be requisitioned by program staff and develop a system for distributing needed items.

    5. Establishes and facilitates a Safety Committee to support safe and healthy environments of care at the centers, kitchens and offices.

    6. Serves as the liaison between Head Start/Early Head Start and the building maintenance contractor(s); ensures that maintenance and repairs are done in compliance with applicable regulations and according to specifications of building owners; maintains appropriate maintenance records.

    7. Coordinates moving of sites, inventory, supplies as necessary.

    8. Ensures safety and function of all Head Start/Early Head Start facilities and compliance with ADA, OSHA and other laws and regulations.

    9. Available on call for emergencies, snow removal, etc.

    10. Oversees landscape needs such as mowing lawns, trimming shrubs, sweeping porches, steps and parking lots, etc.

    11. Suggests changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of work.


     Minimum requirement is an AA degree with two years related experience and demonstrated knowledge of general building maintenance and facilities management is required.  Knowledge of local health/safety regulations, ADA and OSHA requirements preferred.  Previous experience with lease management and contracting preferred.


    This position is open until filled.

    CDI Head Start is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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