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Job Postings for Outer Wayne County, MI



    FCP/ERSEA Services Manager

    Location:Taylor, MI               Apply For this Job

    JOB TITLE: FCP/ERSEA Services Manager

    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Program Director


    The Family and Community Partnerships area of the Head Start/Early Head Start program plays an integral part of the larger system of services provided by Head Start/Early Head Start and plays an important part in supporting the goals of the program. This position is responsible for oversight and development of systems to provide opportunities and support for growth of Head Start/Early Head Start families so they can identify their own strengths, needs and interests and find their own solutions.  Developing a parent and community volunteer program and being the lead on child abuse and neglect issues are also part of this positions responsibilities.  Developing relationships with community partners, to whom families can be referred for services, is also a key function of this position.  This position is responsible for ensuring Family and Community Partnership services are supported by staff and/or consultants with training and experience in field(s) related to social, human or family services.


    1. Program Administration and Coordination
    1. As the lead and in consultation with the other managers/specialists/coordinators:
    1. Monitors compliance with child care licensing guidelines and the assigned Head Start Program Performance Standards.
    2. Establishes policies and procedures for the family and community partnership portion of the program that support the effective implementation of services to families.
    3. Establishes policies and procedures for the social services portion of the program with parents and staff that support the effective implementation of these services.
    4. Develops a system for the provision of case management and referral for social services to Head Start/Early Head Start families in cooperation with other social services, health and mental health agencies and providers through community partnership agreements.
    5. Develops and implements a plan and system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities within the program to assure that family’s needs are being met (family outcomes).
      1. Serves as the contact for designated social service partners, continuing to further develop and nurture collaborative relationships.
      2. Serves as the lead and key coordinator for the child abuse and neglect (CA/N)) reporting system.Ensures that other staff are aware of and trained on child abuse and neglect identification and reporting laws.Responsible for updating and coordinating with the local child protective services agency to clarify a system for identifying and reporting suspected CA/N and to follow CDI Head Start protocols for training staff and parents on at least an annual basis
      3. Keeps up-to-date and knowledgeable of Head Start Performance Standards and related regulations, with specific knowledge of Family and Community Partnerships.
      4. Acts proactively in forming partnerships and collaborating with community agencies to develop a “seamless” system of services for families.Attends community networks and other community organization meetings for the purpose of sharing information and establishing linkages.


    The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably related to one or more of the disciplines they oversee. One year supervisory/management experience preferred.  Two years’ experience in case management preferred.  Position open until filled. 

    CDI is an Equal Opportunity Employer 


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