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Vermillion, Iroquois & Ford Counties, IL

CDI HS is committed to providing timely information to families, staff, and community members. Please check back regularly for the latest program updates.


The Office of Head Start (OHS) appoints an Interim Manager to operate a Head Start or Early Head Start program when that community’s current grantee’s responsibility for the program ceases.

OHS Interim Management is operated by CDI Head Start. We have provided our services for over 20 years for more than 220 service areas nationwide. CDI Head Start continues the mission of Head Start, providing no-cost, high-quality childcare for eligible families with children ages 0-5. We are proud to be an inclusive program that serves all children, including those with disabilities. Our services also include transportation where applicable.

Ongoing Enrollment

To begin the enrollment process click here (Aplicación en español). If you have questions about the enrollment process, contact your nearest center location.

Main Office
10065 E. Harvard Avenue Suite 700
Denver, CO 80231

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