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CDI HS cares about the health of our staff and families and has implemented measures as recommended by the CDC to maintain a safe and healthy work place.

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JOBS: Northeast Indiana

Administrative Assistant - A/P A/R Admin Office-Portland IN  (1)
Assistant Teacher - Hartford City IN  (2)
Assistant Teacher-Bluffton North IN  (1)
Assistant Teacher-Bluffton South IN  (1)
Assistant Teacher-Decatur IN  (1)
Assistant Teacher-Huntington IN  (2)
Assistant Teacher-Portland IN  (3)
Assistant Teacher-Winchester IN  (1)
Assistant Teachr-Union City IN  (1)
CACFP Specialist-Admin Office Portland, IN  (1)
Center Supervisor/ Lead Teacher-Hartford IN  (1)
Center Supervisor/ Lead Teacher-Winchester IN  (1)
Center Supervisor/Lead Teacher-Decatur IN  (1)
Cook-Berne, IN  (1)
Cook-Bluffton, IN  (1)
Cook-Dunkirk IN  (1)
Cook-Hartford City, IN  (1)
Cook-Huntington IN  (1)
Custodian - Portland IN  (1)
Facilities Supervisor-Admin Office Portland IN  (1)
Family Advocate-Harford/Dunkirk IN  (1)
Family Advocate-Winchester/Union City IN  (1)
Health/Nutrition Manager-Admin Office Portland IN  (1)
Human Resources Specialist-Admin Office Portland IN  (1)
Information Services Specialist - Portland IN  (1)
Preschool Teacher-Bluffton South IN  (1)
Preschool Teacher-Hartford IN  (1)
Preschool Teacher-Portland IN  (1)
Program Aide-Berne IN  (1)
Program Aide-Bluffton North IN  (1)
Program Aide-Bluffton South IN  (1)
Program Aide-Decatur IN  (1)
Program Aide-Dunkirk IN  (1)
Program Aide-Hartford City IN  (1)
Program Aide-On Call - Decatur IN  (1)
Program Aide-On Call - Portland IN  (1)
Program Aide-On Call-Huntington IN  (2)
Program Aide-Union City IN  (1)

Main Office
10065 E. Harvard Avenue Suite 700
Denver, CO 80231

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