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CDI HS Electronic Feedback System

CDI HS wants to ensure your voice is heard. The intention of this form is to provide a way for staff and parents to share positive program experiences or areas for improvement in their local Head Start program operated by CDI HS. We want to hear about both!
We know great things are occurring at your center daily and we want to hear your story! We also want to know when we miss the mark for our learning and continuous improvement.

Submitting this form will send your feedback directly to the National Interim Management Leadership team. The Project Director will involve your program’s Program Director and Site Manager and others as applicable.
We ask that you include your contact information which will allow us to follow up with you to ask questions as well as personally send you updates. However, the choice is yours as listed below.

    Feedback Type:


    Confidentiality Preference:


    Describe the feedback you'd like to share:


    Provide as much information as you can about your topic.
    Please include the date and time of occurrence and any other individuals who were involved:


    Name(s) of other people involved and/or affected:


    Have you shared this with anyone else at your Head Start program?


    Who did you share your feedback with?


    Have you had a face-to-face meeting with the Program Director?


    In your opinion, what would be a possible resolution or outcome in this matter?



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